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This website is about my ideas and my research and my teaching. The material expressed is my own and, the work presented is academic, research, commercial or just a personal hobby.

You can find out more about PetRo and my other projects on this website.

Here is my complete public digital presence:

A brief statement

This is a website about my career, and my professional endeavours. I hope it will grow and that you will find useful information here. If you are interested in my publications, they are all listed and some are downloadable from the publications section. You can also find a short biography and a review of my major research projects. I am now with the School of Engineering, University of Liverpool in the North West of England.
If you are a student, check the teaching area. There's all sorts of helpful material related to various topics such as how to write a report and list references.

Do you have any suggestions, comments or ideas you would like to share? please don't hesitate to contact me.
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