Playful Design

Game Design

Game Design is a combination of tasks and activities that are the creative part of game development and generaly conclude with game characters design, Game Design Document, Game Flowchart and Game feels & look.

Game Design is at the start of a Game project and consists of the creative ideas and concepts, leading to the initial game proposal document which is then refined over many iterrations until the final Game Design Document is produced.

A Range of Resources

Most of the material in this section is to help and support my students. I hope it is indeed helpful and useful. If you would like more material put online, why not reach me via my digital presence, I'll see what I can do.

Important dates (Dates to be confirmed)

Interim Presentation - Tuesday 8th December, SQX 1.18, 9.30a-12.30
Final Presentaiton - Tuesday 5th January SQX 1.18, 10.00a - 12.30p

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