IxD Exercies & Projects

IxD Exercises & Projects

Over the many years I have been running projects related to interaction. See notably my work on Tangible Interaction and on Ubiquitous Computing.


The series of exercises are meant to be short and direct means to introduce you to key topics of IxD. Each exercise is individual work, and should be submitted as a review (apart from #1) like technogadget or technorati. Each of these exercises are meant to be quick and straightforward, you should spent no more of 2 hours on each. The exercises are worht 5% of your module mark and they last for one week each.


Two projects will be set to test the students’ ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively. One project will be about designing an interface following requirements and specifications, and the other project will be on rapid prototyping in the context of tangible interaction design.

Important Dates

  Launch Interim Final Remarks
Website 22 SEP N/A N/A Continuous
Interaction investigation 24 SEP N/A 29 SEP Can be extended to 1st OCT
User personae 01 OCT N/A 08 OCT None
Interaction Storyboard 8 OCT N/A 15 OCT None
Interaction Folly 22 OCT TBC TBC 1st Project
TUI TBC TBC TBC 2nd Project

Interim: Interim presentation, Final: Final Presentation & hand-in of deliverables, EOT: End of term, N/A: Not applicable, TBC: To be confirmed.