Educational Projects

Industrial Design Projects

As the year progress, you will be handed design briefs that are more sophisticated, challenging and contenporary.

A Range of Projects

For first year students, there will be 5/6 projects over the year and while you will learn about the practice of design, you will also discover the process that will work for you. The projects are: Good Mood / Bad Mood, Sketch Up, User Centered Design, Clockworks, and (may be) Interaction Folly.

For the second year students, there will be five projects with a steeo increase in complexity and challenge. The projects will be: Plastic Fantastic, Design for Debate, HealthPLAY, and Active Forms.

Note that projects will come online as I update each year's content.

At the end of last project there will be, in most cases bufferweeks for revisiting some projects, completing work, building up personal portfolio. In particular, last projects can be extended to start of assessment weeks.

Please note that dates given are indicative and are subject to changes during studio sessions.