Look it's moving!

Moving Parts

One of the most fun aspects of electronics (at least for me) is the control of physical media, the actuation of a mecahnical part. This skill opens up the world of animatronics, mechatronics and robotics. It is also very relevant to my work on Active Forms. Essentially there are two types of motions that you can produce: Linear Motion and Rotary motion. Most of the devices we work with create rotary motion, such as DC motors, Servo Motors and Stepper motors.

Linear Motion

It is produced by linear motors and is very useful when specific motions are sought. Industrial applications and transportation are also keen users of linear motors.

Rotary Motion

Produced by rotary motors, the motors we are most familliar with. The most common are DC motors, Servo motors and, Stepper motors.

Further Resources

There are many useful resources. Omega Engineering material on , Stepper motors, JAMECO Page on Servo Motors and, an Electrical Engineering tutorial on DC motors.
Arduino tutorials on Servo motors and, Stepper motors.