What a make up!

Mark-Up Language

A markup language is a way of using tags to give instructions as to the formating and sometimes behaviour of a digital document content. The most known markup language is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) used as the basis for webpages (such as my own webpages). It is important to remember that HTML is a HyperText ( a text with references to other texts or contents).


it is the latest and current version of HTML and is being specified by the W3C Working Group. As always with standards, it is a lengthy process, and I do not guarantee that the links in this section are up to date... There is a comprehensive support for the language by Google and it is worth looking at their presentations and, resources.
HTML5 has been designed to deliver almost every content imagineable without requiring aditional plugins. Furthermore, HTML5 is platform independent and works as well on a computer, a tablet or, a smartphone.

Unfortunately, HTML5 is not a standard yet, so there is no browser with full HTML5 support. However, most browsers add continuously new HTML5 functions in their latest versions.


The W3 Schools provide a collection of online tutorials on a variety of web related languages (including HTML5).