good habits!

Good Programming

Whatever programming language you are using, and regardless of what you are developing, a programme should satisfy some key properties

Programme qualities

it is about wrapping a data structure with a functional interface. Abstratcion aims toseparate the implementation of an object from its interface.

  • Reliability - How stable is the behaviour of a programme and the consistency of its outputs.
  • Robustness - How is a programme's stability in regard to variable and changing inputs or system parameters.
  • Usability - Can a programme be actually used as intended.
  • Portability - The range and variety of platforms and systems on which a programme can successfully run with minor adjustments.
  • Maintanability - The ease with which a programme can be modifiedto make improvements and adjustments.
  • Efficiency - The amount of system resources (CPU time, memory space...) required to run a programme. Here the rule is the less the better!

Readability of Code

Good programming implies writing code in such a way that if can be easily read by others. To do so it is important to pay attention to the code indentation style, comments, decomposition and, most importantly, naming convention.

Algorithm Simplicity

In simple words, good programming implies the use of simple methods to perform complicated tasks: Simple algorithms for complex functions. This is where good programmers are made, they build up a knowledge of highly efficient algorithms for all sorts of functions, and know how to simplify their programmes to the extreme.