Why Teach?

Teaching Objectives

I believe that universities need to deliver learner centric benefits, rather than educational objectives. Teaching is not anymore about delivering material (content push), but about delivering programmes (students needs). The key, in my opinion, is to combine knowledge, know-how and expertise. It is important to prepare the students to tackle the big problems of our age!

Knowledge, Know-How & Expertise

  • Knowledge is the generation of new understandings or insights in disciplines and fields, ensuring intellectual development.
  • Know-How is about developing capabilities to apply best methods, practices and competences across a range of (near)real projects, ensuring professional development.
  • Expertise is about developing practical solutions to contemporary complex business or social problems, drawing on knowledge and know-how from a range of disciplines and fields, ensuring skills development.

I consider creating new courses and teaching material very motivating and rewarding, I thrive to ensure the integration in teaching of the latest knowledge, results and prevailing trends as well as my own research. I have planned, prepared and delivered more than ten new modules in area of HCI, Robotics, Programming, Innovation, Industrial & Interaction Design. It is also important to consider teaching not as introducing students to the latest issues, but as preparing them to address the challenges of tomorrow. One of the most important aspect of contemporary education is that it encompass many disciplines, encourages curiosity, a variety of interests, creativity and open mindedness. It also makes sense to engage with the students and guide them, by letting them make mistakes, to respect their individualism and to set realistic and clear goals. Engaging is also about giving the students freedom to discover themselves, and challenge and question my teaching.

By their very nature, people, and students in particular, are inquisitive. Teaching should be student-centred, innovative, flexible, and delivered to the highest professional standards. I believe that when teaching my students, we are both entering into a moral contract, whereby I will teach to the best of my abilities and provide them with the latest knowledge. At the same time, the students will work to the best of their abilities and deliver original personal work.

In my teaching I am guided by the following principles:

  • Providing means to process knowledge, and facilitate understanding
  • Combining theory & Application
  • Helping & Challenging Students
  • Nurturing professional attitude and academic rigor
  • Supporting diversity and intellectual growth

To deliver the latest knowledge, I make sure my teaching is research informed, and that I make my research outputs as teaching material when applicable.