What to write about?

Writing Reports

Evidently, the actual format and content of your report depends very much on the topic and the required deliverables. Most of the time it is advisable to write an outline of your report and to discuss it with your supervisor.

Report Content

A report should include the following sections:

  1. Title page
    Your firstname, Surname, email, ID.
    The title of the report
    The Context of the report (e.g. "this report is submitted as a partial fulfilment of the bachelor degree...")
    The department and institution where this report is submitted
    The date of submission

  2. Abstract
    One to two paragraphs resuming your report. Please do not include acronyms

  3. Introduction
    The introduction should be written for the general public reader. You have to imagine that your reader has no prior knowledge of your subject. So one or two sentences at the begining of your introduction should introduce the topic of the report

  4. Review of current progress / state of the art
    To allow the reader to update himself with state of the art in the topic/subject of your report
    To build a context within which your work has been done

  5. Development of your idea
    Introduce, describe and explain what is your idea, what is original/novel/an added value

  6. Presentation of experiement / design / test / performance
    Well basically explain what you did

  7. Analysis of resutls / outcome
    Give a clear analysis of the results of what you did. using propper methods for this is the most important section of your report.

  8. Conclusion
    future work
    Acknowledgment (of support, financial, technical, infrastructure assistance)

  9. References
    See reference page