Reporting on a website

Reviewing a Website

A website review should include the followings (not necessarily in the order below):

  1. An introduction to the theme/subject of the website.
  2. An introduction to the features of the site such as flash, dynamic pages, animations etc...
  3. A detailed description and then analysis of the key statements and messages of the website
  4. An assessment of the website using some criterias (see below)
  5. A personal reporting on how
  6. the website looks and feels
  7. easy it is to navigate and logical structure
  8. relevant it is to you
  9. A conclusion as to your opinion related to the site as a whole
  10. A short statement of any further action, any new ideas that has occured thanks to you visiting this site.
  11. To review a website, I generally use the following criteria for a good website:
  12. Content
  13. Structure and Navigation
  14. Visual Design
  15. Functionality
  16. Interactivity
  17. Overall Experience

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