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To backup your statements or to enrich your argumentation it is important to include refences in your text. references are basically composed of a short quote and or statement taken from published material and the reference to that material.

For example your initial text could be :
we can associte emotions with decision making and regulation of behaviour.

Adding some references the text would become :
Emotions have been associated with decision making processes through attention shifting, and with regulation of behaviour through vetoeing mechanisms.
However if part 1 is due to Bechara 2004 and part 2 to Toates 2004, you will need to clearly indicate this, by including the reference in your text. Otherwise you are not fully backing up your statements and having these references in your bibliography at the end of your text will not be sufficient.

Therefore the text should read:
Emotions have been associated with decision making processes through attention shifting (Bechara, 2004) , and with regulation of behaviour thanks to vetoeing mechanisms (Toates, 2004).

In your bibliography section you will have both references listed .

How to list Bibliographical references

The American Psychological Association Citation Style (APA Style) is described below (the names given below are those of the author(s), or producer(s):

Article in journal or magazine :
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Note that if the onlines resources are not dated, then the date of retrieval should be used.