(Re)searching Information

Bibliography Search

You should search under the author name, some of the keywords in the title, some of the key words in the abstract or a combination thereof.
Use any of the links listed below for your search:

scirus - The best way to search for publications and academic material

CiteSeer - Scientific litterature digital library

INSPEC* - Engineering focus with a very thorough bibliographical reference system

Springer - Accelerating the world of research

Google Scholar - Stand on the shoulders of giants

Depending on your subject try also these websites:

ACM Digital Library - The guide to computing literature

ScienceDirect - the world's largest electronic collection of science, technology and medicine texts

PsycART - From the American Psychological Association

Amazon is also a good way to search for books

Note that most of these sites are based on subscription so you should be on your institution/corporate network to access the full services.
* contact your library/litterature services provider for the URL