Experimental thoughts!


Having come up with a new design, it is always good practice to evaluate, assess or validate it. The most rigorous way of doing it is through design experiments that are either - (1) Comparative Studies, (2) Evaluations or, (3)Usability Tests.

Comparative Studies

Where you compare your design to similar products in an as normal and likely to occur context of use as possible.


You can run one or a series of experiments to evaluate various aspects of your design. This can be fabrication process (e.g. to find it out what is the fabrication costs of your design), technology , interaction, or any combination of parameters, aspects of your design that is essential to the success of your product.

Usability Tests

To evaluate how usable your design is, and what are the interaction bottlenecks that might exist.

Before starting an experiment involving participants, or distributing a questionnaire to individuals, ALWAYS check for ethical issues...