Good practices

Things to do during a presentation

These are some key rules to follow during a presentation...

  1. Eye contact with the audience
    Otherwise it ends up looking like you are talking to yourself
  2. Know your audience.
    Presenting at interim stages, for final delivery; presenting to professionals, experts, students or lecturers is all VERY different.
  3. Move around.
    You are not here to preach, but to commincate; not here to lecture but to present.
  4. Rehearse.
    Until you know every details of your presentation and you can narrate it without any problems.
  5. Make them laugh.
    Humour is the most powerful tool to get people attention.
  6. Be passionate and energetic.
    Connect with your audience, energise them carry them with you in your journey
  7. Communicate.
    It is about engaging with your audience, not a one way broadcast.
  8. Structure your presentation.
    A presentation is informative entertainment. Make sure there is a narrative that is logical, in a progressing order and easy to comprehend.
  9. Non-verbal communication.
    Think very hard about what you are doing with your hands