Bad habits!

Things to avoid during a presentation

These are some bad habits to avoid at all costs during a presentation...

  1. Avoid a slilde presentation if possible.
    For example make a movie instead.
  2. Put references into your slides/shots.
    If necessary have a final slide with references.
  3. Put a logo/or identical title in all the slides, or as a watermark on your movie.
    By the 3rd slide, or after few seconds it is a cluttering element.
  4. Have slides/shots that can't be read from the front or the back rows.
    It Gives the impression slides were done in a hurry. Adjust your font size and make sure the slide/shots have the right amount of content.
  5. Repeat what's written on your slides/shown on the movie.
    It is painfully boring when the presenter simply read what's on the slides/movie.
  6. Overload your slides/shots with content.
    It is terribly boring to look at slide full of text, summarise and keep to the point.
  7. Read a script.
    The fastest and more effective way to put your audience to sleep out of boredom!
  8. Take a really long time to explain what your presentation is about.
  9. Use a lot of unexplained technical jargon and TLA (Three Letters Acronyms).
  10. Never, ever make eye contact with the audience