Giving birth!

BirthPLAY: Simulation for Obstetricians

It was a game funded by the Dutch government, I enjoyed the project as we had to work with the Maxima Medical Centre in Eindhoven and I had to learn how to deliver babies (albeit dummy ones).

Our work consisted of coming up with a look and feel for the game, design the game mechanics, the narative and the game rules. BirthPLAY was my first serious game project.

Welcome Screen Main Menu

Contribution to the project

The project had many participants. Our contribution was in the design and specification of the game. Once completed we handed these to the game developers.

BirthPLAY concept

BirthPLAY is a serious game for the training of obstetricians in Breech deliveries. It was a game designed and developed while I was at the Eindhoven University of Technology.