Playing with emotions & feelings

Kansei Games

My work on entertainments has focused on both designing serious games and also investigating concept of games. The most developed of these concepts is the idea of Kansei game: Games that implement Kansei principles in their narrative and game play.

Range of ideas

Two main directions of work have been Kansei Games, designing games that deal with emotions and subjective interaction. The first direction was the translation into game of the 10 ox herding pictures which is part of Satori. The second was to rely on biofeedback to control the progress of a playing character through the narrative of the game.

Kansei Game Kansei Game
Looking for the Ox Footpirnts of the Ox

I started my work on Kansei games as part of a series of publications I did for the ICEC conferences. I also had students working on the concept for their final bachelor project (i.e. the prototype below).

Kansei Game Kansei Game
Screen Shot of the game Too much stress: relax!
Kansei Game Kansei Game
A meditation session Playing the game

The development of the kansei Game II was done by my final bachelor student Marnick MENTING when I was at Eindhoven University of Technology.