It's alive!


Ambient Biomedia is an investigation project about using living beings, in particular plants, to display human lifestyle information. Our systems took data about the lifestyle aspect that the user wants to monitor, such as time spent with somebody, health aspects or bad habits, and semantically couple it with an aspect of the living being used as a display. The user would follow the evolution of her/his lifestyle in a non intrusive way. Thanks to the empathical link existing between human and other living beings, the user would see her/himself reflected on the plant, feeling sorry for her/himself, meditating about her/his problem/habits...


We developed two systems, as part of the BioMedia project. The first system was a health display coupling heart rate variablity while at sleep of the user with the aciditiy of the water used for red cabbage. The water would be either acid thus turning the cabbage red or alkanline, with the cabbage turning green. The principle was simple, the healthier the heart rate variability, the more of the alkaline water the cabbage would be fed.

BioMedia BioMedia
Installation with the red cabbage Connecting health information to plants

The second project, was a lifestyle display coupling smoking habits with the watering of a plant that wilt very fast (fatsia japonica). in essens the more people smoked in the dedicated smoking room, the less water the plant would get. Interestingly, the smokers decided to kill the plant, so they arranged it amongst themselve that there would always be someone somking in the room. They almost got the plant. The quesiton obviously is: what's the best mapping then?

BioMedia BioMedia
Connecting smoking habits to plants The installation with the water tank

The BioMedia project was run by a Master Student Adria BASSAGANYES, when I was at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in Cooperation with the Mixed Reality Lab, NU-Singapore.