It's all entertainment!


My work on entertainments has focused on both designing games and also investigating concept of entertainment systems.

Range of ideas

Two main directions of work have been arcade systems and monitoring players activities

I started my work on Kansei games as part of a series of publications I did for the ICEC conferences. I also had students working on the concept for their final bachelor project (i.e. the prototype above).

Arcade System Arcade System
Concept for Arcade System Monitoring user's behaviour

My work on arcade systems has been mainly in sketching various concepts and configurations as well as investigating the tracking of player's behaviour to recognise their current emotional status.

Player Observation
Indepth observation of game players

Another project in the area of entertainment, was the in depth observation of gamers using the NOLDUS observer system, allowing us to record many parameters about gamers and then analyse them to model their behaviour while playing games.

The indepth observation project was run with Jorge ALVES LINO.