Android robot

MiniMe: Android Robot

The MiniMe project is one of those I run in the background, when I found enthusiastic students and colleagues who are also interested in this kind of work. MinMe has been on and off since January 2005. The idea is, rather than build a singing and dancing android, to investigate various designs and concepts. At a much later stage I might consider going further...

1st Prototype of MiniMe


MiniMe I was launched as a student project while I was at the University of Technology Eindhoven. Students were very quick to pick on the challenge and they were so enthusiastic. We designed the lower half of the body (bassically too legs and the waist) to investigate the control of the stride and see how to improve on the design. We did come up with a novel way of actuating the ankle joint, while having great fun at the same time.

MiniMe MiniMeII
1st Prototype of MiniMe MiniMe 2nd concept

MiniMe II

MiniMe II is the second iteration of the robot design. In this case rather than use the classical design based on servo mounted on the joints, we are investigating a design based on tensegrity, giving a much more flexible and human-like body movements appearance to the robot. We are currently building conceptual models.