Modular omnidirectional robot

PetRo: Pet Robot

My early interest in modular robotics led me to the PetRo concept, a caltrop shaped omni-directional modular robot. The (long-term) aim being to reach a throwable and self-assembling design.

PetRo I

The initial ideas and developments were conducted in 2000-2001, since then we have developed prototype I, the first implementation of the concept. This prototype was a proof of concept and helped refine the design and improve the overall functionality.

PetRo 1 PetRo 1
Original PetRo concept PetRo 1st prototype

Prototype I is a direct imeplemetation of the early concepts, with slight modifications.

Early Concept of a Pet Language

I developed the concept of PetRo when I was at Polywork Ltd. It was part of the ReLIVE project involving looking at the interactions between users, avatars and robots. Further development was achieved thanks to Niek GROENENDAAL (notably the flash animation) who was my Bachelor final project at the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology.