PetRo prototype 2

PetRo: Pet Robot

The second prototype is a heavy re-design of the concept with better engineering and farbication. This is the current prototype we worked on between 2011 and 2012.

PetRo 2

The second prototype is a demonstration prototype. The objective is to write one or two conference papers so as to give me credibility and then apply for significant funding to develop a further two prototypes to investigate, not only modules with full functionality and autonomy, but also to investigate various control, assembly and resource management algorithms.

PetRo 2 PetRo 2
Model of PetRo 2 PetRo 2

We have made complete a technical and fabrication documentation and fabricated most of the robot using Rapid prototyping facilities at the School of Design, Northumbria University.

PetRo 2
PetRo 2 Final Version

Wheel Test
Shoulder Test

Prototype II was developed with my team of student volunteers: Tom NAPPEY, Ross LAWTON, Josh HORNBY, Josh SMITH and Bradley MURPHY at School of Design, Northumbria University. I would like to also thankfor their help: James THOMAS and Simon SCOTT-HARDEN.