PetRo prototype 3

PetRo: Pet Robot

The third prototype is a total re-design of the concept with better engineering and farbication. This is the current prototype we are working on from 2013.

PetRo 3 (Design Version 3.08)

The third prototype is a working prototype that will let us implement the control and sensor circuitry. In this version, we plan to demonstration various gaits and motions. We also intend to build 2 prototypes to implement our connection and assembly algorithms between two modules. I will write a small grant application to secure funding for the rapid prototyping of one leg, and then the outsourced fabrication of two prototypes of PetRo 3.

PetRo 3
PetRo 3 (Dog Assembly)

We have made complete a technical and fabrication documentation and have used the model for various simulations and testing of connecting and assembly of modules as well as gaits and motions.

PetRo 3
PetRo 3 Rendering

Prototype 3.08 was developed with my team of student volunteers: Jonathon STELLING, Elliot QUINN, Tarik SAFIR & Harry CRAWFORD at Design Engineering, Northumbria University.