PetRo prototype 3

PetRo: Pet Robot

The third prototype is a total re-design of the concept with better engineering and farbication. This is the current prototype we are working on from Winter 2015. Version 3 will be a demonstration prototype that will operate primarily in a controlled environment (i.e. laboratory). We will also run limited tests of the prototype in open environments.

PetRo 3 (Design Version 3.09 & 3.10)

The current version of the robot is the prototype fabrication version, and we are currently updating all the parts to make sure components selected are commercially available or can be fabricated without too much difficulties. We are constrained by costs but also by the rapid prototyping facilities we can have access to (e.g. makerbots). While version 3.09 relies on stepper and servo motors for the actuation of the hub and shoulder joints, version 3.10 relies on a combination of linear actuators for these two joints.

PetRo 3.09 PetRo 3.10
PetRo 3.09 (Leg Assembly) PetRo 3.10 (Leg Assembly)

We have made complete a technical and fabrication documentation and we areto fabricating e one complete leg for testing before a complete module. We will fabricate both versions 3.09 and 3.10 to run comparative tests and select the best design solution, before assembling a complete module.

Allignment of 2 modules (simulation)
Communication via Endplates (TEST 1)

The animation above show how two modules would align and connect to make a dog-like assembly. While the video above show the early tests of communication via light between two end plates. Prototype 3 is currently being developed with Jonathon STELLING (who did the renderings and simulation), at Design Engineering, Northumbria University.