High mobility robot

QuadBot: Quadrupede Fast Robotic Platform

QuadBot was a robotic platform that we demonstrated after less than one year of work on the project, going from design, fabrication, testing and demonstration. I was hopping to apply for a patent, but the financial difficulties of Japan at the time, and in particular of the client, prevent it from happening.

1st Prototype of QuadBot


The project was about designing a fast moving high mobility robotic platform for domestic robot. It was part of a larger project whose client was Kanden (KEPCO).

QuadBot QuadBot
QuadBot Desgin 1 Quadbot Final Design

We designed few versions of the platform, and the winning design involved blades-like feet that yielded good bouncing and fast stride. It was inspired from paralympic running blades (as shown in the picture below).

QuadBot Leg  
QuadBot Final Design  

QuadBot was a project I managed while working at Nirvana Inc., Kyoto Japan.