Merged tangible (re)action

Active Forms

Active Forms are TUI where the perforance of an interaction task is translated into the physical manipulation of the device. At the same time the Active Form is the embodiment of a system and as such it is subject to changes of shape and appearance as a result of changes to the system it embodies.

Active Form
Active Forms Interaction Framework

Metaphor and New Affordance

As the metaphor of a system, Active Forms are the representation of a system thanks to a shape whith which the interaction is either familiar or easy to recongnise (e.g. room control) . As New Affordance, an Active Form can be the embodiment of a ritual or prevailing habits (e.g. tea making).

Active Form
Interaction Paradigm

Active Forms are one of my majore research themes. I am currently supervising a PhD candidate (who is developping the baby monitor concept) and also involving undergraduate students in projects around Active Forms. Watch this space for more work!