cubic interaction

InterCUBE: Cube Shape interaction

The InterCUBE is one of my early Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) projects. The challenge then was to come up with an intuitive and simple device that could have potential as a navigation interface. The original idea for the InterCUBE is down to a late afternoon heavy drinking at the student's bar of the Exeter School of Design and a discussion with two friends...

Original Concept Final Prototype


To design and developTUI that should compete or in some case replace the mouse.I used the cube shape as starting point, and developed it into a menu navigation device with always four possible rotations, that is well suited to menu trees with 4 branches (options).

InterCUBE Demonstration

I developed the concept of InterCUBE when I was at Polywork Ltd. It was part of the ReLIVE project involving looking at the interactions between users, avatars and robots. Final developments were conducted while I was at Eindhoven University of Technology with the cooperation of Harold PEETERS.