Key projects

These are some of my past and current projects that I am passionate about. Most of the work was done while working at various universities in the UK, The Netherlands and Japan. There are few projects that I ran in the companies that I set up along the way (Polywork Ltd., Flankwork v.o.f.), or where I worked (Nirvana Technology Inc.).

In early projects most of the work was done by myself, at later stages as the projects becam more complex, and I was put in charge of students and then staff, others have had a contribution that is akwnowledged.

Like my teaching, all my projects have been about developing Knowledge (intellectual developement & publications), Know-How (professional development & projects) and Expertise (skills development & research themes).


As you can see on the right menu, I have organised my projects unders main themes and have a catch all "Other Projects" for those that do not belong to any of the major themes but are still, in my opinion, worth presenting.

Objects & Spaces for Interaction: This theme regroups my work on Active Forms (Tangible Interaction) and Responsive Environments (Ubiquitous Computing).

Health & Lifestyle: This Theme regroup The Serious Game for medical training: BirthPLAY, The BioMedia Project and my current work with the RVI hospital in Newcastle.

Toy, Multi-role and Android Robots: Combining the Mollycoddle, PetRo, MiniMe projects.