Other research projects

Other Projects

I believe that not all projects should be research projects, some can be concepts to investigate, ideas to check out and work that triggers my curiousity and enthusiasm.

Esoteric range

One project that I will always remember foundly (or NOT) is the work I did for my PhD ont he analysis of hand gestures (GESTER). Another proejct I loved doing was the Commedia Virtuale, combining real actors and avatars in a revisited Commedia dell'Arte play. My interests in Entertainments is also worth mentionning.

4 Pradigms Shanghai Expo NL Pavillion
4 paradigms for innovation Dutch Pavillion

The 4 paradigms for innovation are part of my work on design theory and looking at how design can be formally described. Another intersting project is the concepts we developed for the Dutch pavillion at the Shanghai EXPO 2010.

Coffee Cup Visual Network
Redesigning the coffee cup Device to visual network maintenance

Another project I did wasthe redesign of the humble paper coffee cup and a concept for a modem that visualise network maintenance.