My collection of miscellaneous publications


Smart Home Magazine Responsive Environments March 2010, pp. 2-3. Coverage of my team's work on Responsive Environments while I was in Eindhoven, NL.

B Salem, B. van den Hout, Birthplay: A Serious Game for Obstetrics, Poster at 10th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), 23-27 January 2010 Phoenix, Arizona, US.

B Salem, Commedia Virtuale, Choreography and narrative for a virtual environment, In No Sense of Discipline, an International Conference on Interdisciplinarity, 11-12 June 2001, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

R. Edgar, and B. Salem, VRML Multi-user Environments, CTIAD Outline, Issue 6, Autumn 1998, pp.32-34


Public Exhibitions

Salem B., Alves Lino J., Responsive Environments: Exhibition at Domotics and Smart Living 2010, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Humphries P. Architects and Salem B., Architecture Competition: the redesign of Salford city centre Short-listed for exhibition 1999.